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The task
When Rosan Diamond contacted us to develop their website, we were amazed with their product. We had already come across a fair number of incredible ideas, but turning a plastic credit card into a piece of art is simply extraordinary. After having the fortune of holding one of these beauties in our hands, we knew that we wanted to be part of this project. The task proved creative and challenging. Our objective was to make these cards shine not only in real life, but also on the Internet. Needless to say, we had to generate original ideas, make a modern, stylish website from scratch, and write a great text.
What we did
Creating a website for Rosan Diamond was a challenging task. We spent considerable time planning how to optimally position such a product online, and subsequently decided to focus on a clean and calm design. We decided to use the elements and features of the cards to let the user experience their beauty on every page. To emphasize the craftsmanship embodied in the cards, we utilized hand drawings and created a special animation, which was intended to depict the process behind the creation of Rosan Diamond cards. Making the website perform flawlessly required extensive testing and a lot of optimization work. The final challenge was to make the website look great on mobile devices — and we did this with a responsive design approach.
Creative writing
Once the website was produced, our client was faced with the need to write an interesting and inspiring text on this exclusive theme. This task we took on as well, and after careful selection we found the right people to narrate in both Russian and English.