Video Ad for Jewelry Credit Cards

Video created for Rosan Diamond to present at various events. It was first aired at Moscow’s most luxurious cinema:
The task
We were contacted to quickly create an advertising video from scratch for Rosan Diamond. Because the video was to be presented at a special event, the deadline was set at less than two weeks from the start of the project.
What we did
We like to tackle challenging tasks. The deadline and the high quality that was required definitely made this task challenging. That is why we accepted it. At first we brainstormed different ideas together with Rosan Diamond. It was a hard task to find an idea that is appealing for the wealthy focus group that Rosan Diamond is targeting, but which could be implemented in a such short time frame. After we identified the most compelling idea, we drew a storyboard that was immediately accepted. We had only a day to record the video together with our partners and two days to make the post-production, shoot the card, write an accompanying text, and do a voice recording. We met the deadline precisely and shot a beautiful and compelling video about these unique jewelry credit cards.